Virginal Play

This weekend I bought Penny some plain white panties. She usually wears flashy thongs or boy shorts – the kind of panties that speak for themselves. I love her usual fare but I wanted her to have something simpler for a different kind of occasion. We wanted to be able to explore each others’ bodies for the very first time even after all the years and their associated experiences – which is hard to accomplish with the more colorful and elaborate kind of underwear she wears regularly. We have needed a safe place to start from. We were both a little scared. Everyone has a past and there can be a lot of pain in the history. Yesterday she wore the plain white panties and last night we played.

We were a young couple that were supposed to meet friends for a movie but we blew them off. Instead we started making out and one thing led to another. Kisses gave way to petting. Clothing came off. Petting got heavier. By the time those white panties came off, they were soaked with her juices. It was so incredibly hot! Over the years together we have had a lot of sex in a lot of different ways. What we had last night was new. It doesn’t replace or negate anything that we’ve shared in the past. But it was special. We shared a body-shaking orgasm that likely rattled the neighbors’ windows and dishes and measured as a needle blip on some seismograph somewhere. We had to clean the couch afterwards because we sprayed it. I was utterly spent which is unusual as I’m usually good for a few rounds.

This isn’t something that I’d really want to do everyday. Frankly it’s not really compatible with our regular lifestyle. But I do want to revisit it. It was simply too wonderful to not. Despite our fears we didn’t trip over any emotional baggage during this experience. Penny confessed to me after the fact that she felt like she was just being herself instead of playing a role as we often do. I think that made a difference too. I felt true to myself during the whole play as well. At this point I’m not sure exactly what I originally had in mind but last night far exceeded my expectations. It was something that I for one have needed for a while. It seemed to do Penny some good as well. The white panties aren’t an absolute necessity for this sort of thing but I’m not sure our experience would have really been possible without them. This may have not been the best time to write about it though. Just thinking about it is making me horny!


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  1. That’s a great idea! Who would have thought that sometimes toning down the sexuality would be a shortcut to toning it way up!


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